Third Dummy Post in “My Britain; My Japan”

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Second Dummy Post in “My Britain; My Japan”

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First Dummy Post in “My GB My JP”

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Anjin : the opening night…

Japan400 gets underway at the opening night of Anjin: The Shogun & the English Samurai at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London on 31 January 2013. [Click each thumbnail to enlarge. Use the “NEXT”/”PREVIOUS” links to step through the gallery.]

Lady Saigō

Today’s Featured Article at Wikipedia is about Lady Saigō: Lady Saigō (西郷の局 or 西郷局, Saigō-no-Tsubone?) (1552 – 1 July 1589), also known as Oai, was the first consort and trusted confidante of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the samurai lord who unified Japan at the … Continued

William Horsley’s speech at the Japan400 press launch

Welcome to the Launch of Japan400, which this year commemorates the start, four hundred years ago, of diplomatic, trading and cultural relations between Britain and Japan thanks to a remarkable sea voyage and an exchange of royal gifts. It’s a … Continued

Yuichiro Hanyu’ speech at the Japan400 press launch

Good morning ladies and gentleman. I am Yuichiro Hanyu, Director of the Japan Local Government Centre in London. First of all, I would like to thank the J400 committee for giving me this opportunity. My office, JLGC, is the UK … Continued