Yuichiro Hanyu’ speech at the Japan400 press launch

Good morning ladies and gentleman. I am Yuichiro Hanyu, Director of the Japan Local Government Centre in London.

First of all, I would like to thank the J400 committee for giving me this opportunity.
My office, JLGC, is the UK and Northern Europe branch of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations. One of our roles is to support the grassroots relations between UK and Japan such as twinning cities.

Now please find this colour leaflet from your pack. On behalf of 4 Japanese Cities related to William Adams, I would like to briefly introduce upcoming events in Japan celebrating 400 years anniversary.
William Adams arrived in Japan at Usuki in Kyushu, then he helped Japanese shipbuilding in Ito, and he was granted land in Yokosuka by the Shogunate for his work.

In 1613, he helped to establish the first English trading post in Hirado, as the liaison between John Saris and the retired shogun Ieyasu.

All those 4 cities will jointly and independently hold many events in Japan throughout this year.
For example, in November, Hirado city will have an event to commemorate the founding of the English Trading Post, which was on 26th of November 400 years ago.

Hirado also plans to display replicas of the English Trade Permit issued by Shogun. Shops will display flowers like British towns and promote UK related products. There will also be other events focusing on music, English language and student exchange.

These events are still tentative and will be confirmed by each city assembly before the new financial year. If you have any further interest, please feel welcome to contact JLGC. We will update the information and our contact details can be found in your press pack.

Thank you very much for your time.


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