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5 October 2013 - 30 December 2013

A Miracle landed from the sky!
Tobe Dakota
Five months after the end of the war, a British airplane lands on a remote island in Japan, bringing with it something unexpected.

Tobe Dakota

An emotionally charged true story transcending national borders and war returns to life after 67 years.

January 1946. Only five months after the end of World War II, a British air force VIP airplane, Dakota, makes an emergency landing in a small village on Sado island. Villagers are taken by surprise and perplexed to be faced with British soldiers who were enemies not too long ago. However, friendship and solidarity grow across national borders, and they work together to get the Dakota flying again. This is a true story from 67 years ago.

The film will open in over 70 theatres in Japan and screening durations differ from one to another. On our official website (only in Japanese), you may have access to the list of theatres with screening dates. (

Director Seiji ABURATANI/Screenplay Kuniho YASUI, Naoyuki TOMOMATSU, Seiji ABURATANI/Music Ryudo UZAKI/Cinematography Shigeru KOMATSUBARA/Lighting  Hideaki YAMAKAWA/Recording Kazuo NUMATA/Production Design Hisao INAGAKI/Editing Seiichi MIYAZAWA/Theme Song Rika ISHII “Homesick Lullaby”, Lyrics Yoko AGI, Composition James Royce SHANNON, Adaptation Ryudo UZAKI, Yoshiaki DEWA(Rainbow Entertainment)/Executive Producer Toshiro IYOKI/Produced by ASSYU JAPAN/Special Sponsored by Bestlife

Tobe Dakota

2013/Japan/Color/American Vista Size/5.1ch Dolby Digital Sound/109 min.

© “FLY, DAKOTA FLY!” Production Committee

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5 October 2013
30 December 2013
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